In Conversation with Ran Xia

This edition of #SPOTLIGHT  has us visiting with Word Play scribe Ran Xia!  I first met Ran five years ago at the Public Theater’s Tweetup event — as you’ll soon find out, we were two shy wallflowers who ended up gravitating toward each other, and since that fateful afternoon, we’ve continued to align with one another’s respective creative orbit.  A fellow theatre critic of sorts at the time, Ran was, like myself, reviewing shows…but with illustrations, instead of words.

Last week, on a gusty but lovely (well, except for the rain that came down afterwards) Friday afternoon, I met up with Ran at an outdoor public garden space.  We talked about her seemingly sharp trajectory from visual artist to wordsmith; how growing up in China influenced her political sensibilities; her play-writing process, as well as her obsession with time & memory.

NOTE: Because of the outdoor conditions in which our interview was conducted, there is A LOT of ambient noise: i.e., gusts of wind, sirens…and even people rolling their push-carts around(!).  It doesn’t seem to occur often enough to deter from the interview, and otherwise the vocal audio seems to be fine.  Please bear this in mind, as I’m still working out the kinks involved with recording these sessions.  In the meantime, I hope you can just playfully shrug it off as an “At least it sounds very New York!” kind of thing.  (Because, you know.  That’s totally what I was going for.)


More Ran-related links:
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