In Conversation with… THE MIRACLE OF LONG JOHNS’ David Lefkowitz

(Photo by Bill Bradford)

After a bit of a hiatus, #Spotlight is back for another round — this time, I sit down with playwright and critic David Lefkowitz (@radiodave2 and @RabbiSolSolomon on Twitter)!  Having recently been appointed the Theater Editor of, David is also a former editor of and the founder of  In his twenty-plus years’ experience as a working critic, he has also published plays — one of which includes his solo show The Miracle of Long Johns, which recently played both the 2015 Boulder Fringe Festival and the United Solo Theater Festival at the Theater Row Theater.   

Despite some (tech-)connectivity problems at the beginning, what results is a highly informative conversation (which unfortunately had to be cut short because David had to interview someone else!).  We talk about what spurned his love for theater, his play The Miracle of Long Johns, what it’s like to write about your own life and act it out, and that oh-so-conniving mistress to which all us critics are beholden from time to time…The Deadline!  If you’re interested in the aspects of theater that happen on the other side (insert requisite Adele “Hello” meme here) of the Fourth Wall, then you should certainly give this interview a listen.

(Sidenote: Please excuse the awkward “ums” and “likes” — listening to it back, I realize it throws a bit of the rhythm off, so I’m definitely gonna try to work on not doing to much of that in future!)

Some more fun, Dave-related links:
The Miracle of Long Johns Official Facebook Page
Shalom, Dammit!

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